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Liz Friel

Coral Springs, FL

Liz Friel paints Elysium, an ethereal paradise through a minimalist abstract composition of acrylic color and mixed polymers on canvas or board. Details in a fleeting moment, memory and emotion. Many layers of overlapping tertiary colors and soft texture offer luminous beauty and a heaven-like perception. Her current series is focused on coastal environments and seascapes. Her artwork has always been consistent in trying to capture light, space and time, whether it was in photography, design or an abstract painting. Her painting process is an act of meditation.

Liz resides with her husband, artist D.Friel, and two children in South Florida where she creates at her independent studio. Together they run a full time marine based art and design business. #ConnectedByWater

BFA from William Paterson University, NJ. 2003.
Focusing on Photography, Graphic Design and Painting.
Thesis in Painting / Received an Art Grant for Graduating Painter.
Wescover creator since 2020

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