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Lithos Design - Tiles and Furniture
Lithos Design

Lithos Design

San Pietro Mussolino, Italy

"Original design, unique by nature"
Lithos Design.
Original design, unique by nature.
Marble wall and floor coverings, backlit walls, dividers and dining tables for contemporary spaces.

With an enterprising spirit and great curiosity, Lithos Design was one of the first companies to go beyond craftsmanship, using cutting-edge technology to express the contemporary mood on an ancient material, which for millennia has been gathering upon it, the signs man’s ingenuity.

It is the great stone culture and highly innovative production approach that make Lithos Design a company that is recognised and appreciated internationally.

A distinctive example of Made in Italy, its products are a synthesis of culture and innovation, but above all, they are an authentic celebration of marble that, in addition to aesthetics and functionality, make the spaces it is used in timeless.
Wescover creator since 2020

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