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Lisa Bergant Koi

Pittsburgh, PA

"Creating paintings from sketches made while riding fast in a car. Perception. Curiosity. Wonder."
Lisa Bergant Koi's paintings are layered amalgamations of lines and shapes replicated from numerous sketches she’s made of the "moving" landscape as a passenger in a car. As she rides along, she quickly records the way the road lines and the shapes of elements in the scene appear to shift as they move toward her from out of the distance. She is interested in the physiology and psychology of perception, both how we see, and how we uniquely interpret what we see.

She begins her paintings using randomly selected marks copied from the drawings, but over time this selection becomes very intentional. She searches her hundreds of drawings for just the right marks to juxtapose into peculiar and uncertain pictorial spaces. In fact, the more peculiar they feel to her the better.

She makes no attempt to represent the natural landscape, and views her work as representational of how we see; the eye darts to collect bits and pieces of information, and the brain makes sense of it. Her use of non-representational color and non-descriptive titles is intended to reach beyond the realm of the physical landscape and into that of our psyches.

Lisa's work has been selected for national exhibitions by jurors from such esteemed institutions as the Cleveland Museum of Contemporary Art, Madison Museum of Contemporary Art, Akron Museum of Art, and New Orleans Museum of Art. Her most recent solo exhibition, “Moving Forward with Trepidation,” took place at Harper College in Palatine, Illinois, in March of 2020. Her work is held in both private and corporate collections. She earned her M.A. from Illinois State University and her B.F.A. from Bowling Green State University. She is a Pittsburgh based artist.
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