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LIDXI Decoracion (by Nadxieelli Suastegui G.)

Guadalajara, Mexico

"Making unique designs with all the love to transmit that same energy to their new home."
LIDXI: (Zapotec dialect) your house, your home, your roof.
NADXIEELLI: (Zapotec dialect) I LOVE you.
As you can see, both the brand and my name have a strong meaning, and the connection was strong and immediate.

LIDXI started with the idea that everything that was made with the hands had to transmit a feeling, as a way of expressing myself. Macrame cought my eye vía Instagram 3 years ago. I didn’t know what it was so I started my research and finally decided to try it.... couldn’t describe it better than “love at first sight”, my whole mind and body were connected with the piece and after 3 pieces I decided to start my own designs; from that moment I wasn’t going to copy ANY design and started my adventure. It’s been a great road, full of challenges and new beginnings, every single one of my pieces has a story behind and a meaning. I love creating and working in team so don’t be scared to come with your idea... I’m sure we can make It work! Thank you for your interest.
Wescover creator since 2020

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