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Kuenlin Tsai

Taipei, Taiwan

"We don't need to create art, just find Art."
Kuenlin Tsai is a contemporary Taiwanese artist; the creative core is composite research project of history and geography. His form of work is across installation, sculpture, sound, print, video, etc. to present the observations, so every work in every project is a kind of viewpoint. In one of the artist's hallmark works Project is ”Looking back: Koganecho” (2018), he surveyed the relationship between the history of land and the underwater sound in Yokohama, and reconnected Yokohama with ocean, the artist provides a new way to understand the relationship between human beings and the environment. Born in 1979 in Tainan, Taiwan, Kuenlin's art was influenced by the process of understanding the true history and geography of Taiwan that have been covered up and altered in school. Therefore, we can clearly see that behavior of exploration and preservation from his creation, trying to piece together that scene for people.
Wescover creator since 2020

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