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Kingfisher Potters

Merion Station, PA

"Color and motion embodied in raku."
The daughter of a painter and a carpenter, I was raised surrounded by arts and crafts. From the beginning, throwing pots on the wheel entranced me. I was captivated by the motion and the beauty of creating usable objects of art.

At the University of Massachusetts Amherst, I studied sculpture and African Art, where I experimented with metal as a medium. After settling in the small town of Merion, Pennsylvania, I continued sculpting but was soon drawn back to my first love, clay.

I am driven to capture the merger of movement, beauty, and function. I want people to discover themselves and their own purposes within each individual piece.

My inspiration arises from the shapes and colors in nature, foreign cities, and Japanese art. Never one to settle, I am constantly experimenting with various techniques and colors. Raku is the process I have found myself most drawn to, and its unpredictability keeps me enthralled.

I teach clay and sculpture classes at a local studio as an artist in residence, and continue to produce different bodies of work, all of which aim to elicit a feeling of lightheartedness and ease.

Kingfisher Potters:
We create and provide bespoke pottery to retail and online customers and our wish is to make our clients feel that they truly own a unique product.

The name of our collaborative is inspired by the majestic kingfisher, which displays a wide spectrum of colors that change according to background lighting conditions. Similarly, the Raku process produces a myriad of hues and patterns with varying results every time.
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Philadelphia, PA

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