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Kim Knoll

Chicago, IL

"Inspired by nature. Influenced by minimalism."
Kim Knoll is an abstract artist located in Chicago whose work has quickly gained recognition since releasing her first paintings in 2016. With collectors, interior designers, art consultants and corporations, including CB2, Four Seasons Hotels, The Ritz-Carlton Hotels & Yacht Collection and Waldorf Astoria Hotels, seeking licensing and commissions, Kim sells her original paintings and giclée prints worldwide.

Kim’s style was born out of her professional experience as a graphic designer. Inspired by landscapes and influenced by minimalism, she brings the outdoors in through painting in a simple, unexpected way. Her works on paper are an abstract interpretation of moments and sights from her time spent in nature exploring lakes, mountains, forests and coastlines through hiking and camping. Using watercolors, ink, acrylic, and graphite, she uses the shapes, colors, and perspectives that she recalls or imagines to inform and guide each painting.

“My paintings are derived from the concepts of space, tranquility, and escapism. With each work, I aspire to achieve a sense of peace, harmony, joy, wonder or stillness, and give others a momentary escape from their every day.”



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Chicago, IL
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