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Kara Suhey Print Shop

Kara Suhey Print Shop

Santa Barbara, CA

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"Fine art prints of my paintings, photography, and combinations of the two inspired by the land, sea, and sky of the West Coast."
With a background in graphic design and photography, and many years spent living in NYC and LA, I'm very grateful to now live and operate in the small town of Santa Barbara, CA.

Having a Print Shop is the culmination of all of my skills and the realization of a lifelong dream. Chasing the light to find where it's glowing on a meadow or through a tree branch in just the right way is like an awesome treasure hunt, and I hope that my work will enable you to incorporate the serene energy of the outdoors into the sacred spaces where you live and work.

Overall, my goal is for my work to contribute towards a societal shift to place a deep reverence for nature at the forefront of our collective consciousness. 🌱

I think that if we work together, we can dream up a more beautiful world with infinitely more peace, harmony, magic, mysteries, & miracles.

How do your pieces come to life? Tell us one interesting thing about your creative process?

"When I'm really struggling to make a creative decision, or even deciding if a piece is finished or not, I'll flip a coin. It helps me to keep moving forward so I don't get stuck laboring over a decision for too long. The coin decides!"
Kara Suhey Print ShopKara Suhey Print Shop

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