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Jover + Valls

Alcoi, Spain

"Spanish crafted luxury furniture and homewares for the urbanite that appreciates the integration of simplicity and exclusivity. Home decor in which leather and honest metals meld in quiet elegance transforming your interior design into a curated space where you can retreat in comfort."
JOVER+VALLS is a Spanish home decor atelier where honesty and craftsmanship come together to create exclusive and unique pieces of curated furniture, manufactured at their metalwork facilities and leather parts made by artisans from the handbags sector.

Produced in Spain using traditional techniques and know-how, JOVER+VALLS challenges the crafts to bring innovation and new interpretations.

The melding of carefully selected materials with innovative twisting, welding and finishes create unique pieces that are a reflection of the brands personality.

Each piece is created to have a place of its own in a home of quiet elegance, an urban retreat of inspiration and comfort.

The furniture of Jover+Valls is not only the combination of honest and well-selected materials but also of its founder’s passions and ideals.

Javier Jover´s bachelor degree in fine arts adds to his experience in creating fashion items and accessories for the well-known brand Zara. This allows him to understand the peculiarities and behavior of leather, curating each piece with his artistic eye.

Quico Valls uses his know-how of the metal industry, combining traditional metal crafts with up to date techniques, processes and finishes. He understands the properties of metals and challenges them to form contemporary shapes while innovating and retaining the strength of the materials. The result is a precise, detailed and rational work that is balanced and complimented by the creativity of his partner, Javier.

Their appreciation of beauty and craftsmanship is what allows JOVER+VALLS to create timeless designs that reflect their contemporary way of living. It´s all about simplicity. JOVER+VALLS harmonious way of working is strengthened by having trustworthy relationships with their partners that provide them with premium materials and current industry updates. This trust is also reflected in output towards their customers by delivering a reliable product with an excellent customer satisfaction. JOVER+VALLS aims to create an up-to-date, timeless product that will age gracefully with you. While each family of products has different aesthetics, they are all designed to bring a sense of uniqueness and comfort to your home. JOVER+VALLS aims to make you pause, relax and enjoy the beauty of your surroundings.



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