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Manzano, Friuli, Italy

"We trust in comfortable ideas"
JOB’S SRL is located in Friuli Venezia Giulia, situated in north
Italy closed to Austria and Slovenia.
The work’s philosophy is deeply radicated in our culture,
the territory has been highly influenced over the centuries:
this has increased the sense of community, supported by the
Art of Doing
and that the word is good.
We are proud to transmit these values through our products,
that reflect our love for the craftmanship guided by the desire
to reach for the right result.
The whole production is fully Made in Italy and each component is produced
within an area of 30 km from our location.
This brings huge advantages:
- Daily control quality of each production process
- supply chain based on contracts
- Material testing
- Immediate problem solving operations
- Great flexibility for made to measure products or personalizations
The above steps are possible thanks to the quick reactions and the direct
communication with our clients.
The Collections
Our standard products can be customized with COM or by choosing
among our range of fabrics, leathers, eco-leathers, and velvets.
There is no MOQ for this, so feel free to combine RAL colors
for the metal legs, and get multiple tones effect
for your special project or your product line.
A special touch can be also added to our existing chairs:
over these years we faced many proposal from our clients, like:
Brass feets and footrest
Special wooden finishes
Armrest additions
And so on..
Any idea is evaluated and discussed.
New amendings might need a MOQ.
Bespoke models
In addition to our Collections, we develop daily
models in exclusivity for our clients.
There is a MOQ for these special
Items, usually is between 100 and 150 pcs and
depends on the structure/composition.
Each of the markets we work with
has its owns peculiarity, that can be understand
only after a deep confrontation with our partners/clients,
the project’s location and the overall target,



Made to order

Natural Materials

Locally Sourced

Wescover creator since 2022

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