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Joanna Cutri

San Diego, CA

"Abstract, mixed media artist that creates beautifully calm and peaceful monochromatic paintings"
JOANNA CUTRI, a Los Angeles native, has an extensive and dynamic visual arts
background that spans the globe.
Joanna lived and worked in Bali, Indonesia, for 10 years. Her vision of life and art were deeply inspired by the rich, creative culture and religion of the Balinese people, as well as the exotic, surrounding nature in which she lived in. Joanna has had numerous solo and group exhibitions in southeast Asia, Australia, South Africa as well as in the US and in Europe.
Joanna's exposure to different cultures and world travels has greatly impacted how she creates and approaches her own work. Her complex, personal style combines various mixed mediums and collage elements, resulting in layers upon layers of color, texture and imagery. Her work is autobiographical. Her paintings are a culmination of chapters in her life; a visual storytelling of her journey. To understand her paintings is to really know her and the many paths she's been on and the lives she has lived.
Her most recent body of work embodies a calm, peaceful almost meditative quality that she began during the pandemic as a hope for a better world.
She currently lives and works in Southern California with her French husband and furry baby Riley, after having lived in New York City for 3 years.



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