Jessie Bloom

Hawthorne, NJ

"Jessie Bloom Studio is a textile design studio creating bespoke woven artwork for residential and commercial spaces. Founded on a love for the process of making and a passion for design, Jessie Bloom Studio specializes in one-of-a-kind artwork that merges contemporary craft with modern design."
Jessie Bloom is a New Jersey-based textile artist and designer. Her woven wall panels are explorations of the natural world reflecting landscapes that have been simplified down to their most essential elements. Her work explores the connections between atmosphere, landscape, light and color, and draws on histories of pointillism and atmospheric landscape. Built yarn by yarn with hand dyed materials, her work blends fine art with woven contemporary craft.

Bloom received her Bachelor of Science in Fiber Science & Apparel Design from Cornell University and has studied Sculptural Fibers at Syracuse University.

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