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Jessica Albarn

London, United Kingdom

"Archival Meadow Boxes - Layered glass works, incorporating painting, screen printing and cyanotype shadow images"
Inspired by a meadow in the South Hams in England. This collection presents a body of of work by the Artist Jessica Albarn which is held in Hotels such as The Hoxton in Paris, Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Kensington and Soho House in Amsterdam.

Building on her earlier work of bringing new life to dead, endangered or extinct species, she now traces the many layers of life in this meadow.
Known for her fine art drawings using different mediums, here the viewer can experience life drawn on paper and glass. The idea that nature will be increasingly archived and seen from behind glass is explored. Gold is screen-printed onto glass while flowers from the meadow are pressed and placed in hand-made museum entomology archive boxes.
She employs sacred geometry like Eve’s Grid to connect the viewer with the patterns of life which balance and soothe, bringing us closer to nature itself.
Wescover creator since 2020

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