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Hamilton, New Zealand

"A colourful world can be in black and white"
Jeremiah also known as Phoebe Robinson was born on October 28th, 1997 in Christchurch, New Zealand. Jeremiah has lived in many places over NZ due to her becoming an orphan at the young age of 14.
Jeremiah is an artist, muralist and currently studying graphic design to further her skillset in the creative industry.

She was first introduced to painting when she volunteered at a street art festival in Mount Maunganui, NZ, called Street Prints Mauao (2015), she met many renowned muralists but one in particular being Sean Yoro (The Hula) from NY. After helping Sean on his mural, Jeremiah was inspired to learn how to paint so that she too could paint murals, at this point and time Jeremiah’s life started to look hopeful.
Once the festival was over Jeremiah spent all her savings on painting equipment to learn the art of painting portraits. She spent a month with her brother in law, learning the very basics of oil painting, then she continued by painting 3 portraits, one being a self-portrait. Jeremiah then found 5 walls on Mount Maunganui’s main street and painted on each wall with oil paints and a paint brush.

At this time in Jeremiahs life she was living in a hostel as she could no longer afford to pay board and rent, all jeremiahs money and time went into painting. Soon after Jeremiah had finished these murals she was invited as an artist to the next Street Prints Mauoa Festival (2017), from there Jeremiah was invited to a residency at Everfresh studio in Melbourne, Australia by an artist also attending the same festival. Jeremiah decided to take the opportunity and move over to Melbourne in early 2018 where she began painting and living. A few months later Jeremiah moved back to NZ, (Hamilton) where she is today.
Jeremiah has faced many obstacles in her short life, she has grown up with a lot of emotional pain and depression, as a small child she faced a lot of rejection and abuse, but at the young age of 18 Jeremiah’s life changed for the better when she discovered her love for painting, because of Jeremiahs upbringing she likes to tell stories through her subjects expressions, to illustrate what they feel deep within, as that is how she relates best to herself and others. She believes that there are stories that need to be told, stories that are bigger than most people could understand.
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