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Jayarr Steiner

Jayarr Steiner

Phoenix, AZ

"Studying the effect of bright colors, geometric shapes and positive messaging."
Hello!, my name is Jayarr.

I split my artistic practice between two projects. A monochromic exploration of the nude female form as trees. That one is called SOUL OF ARBOR. The other is a colorful, neon-vomit, positive message, over the top project called YOU ARE AMAZING.

I am the 2020 Artsline featured artist, which means my art will be on bus wraps, light rail wraps and a bunch of different print media for Valley Metro. I’ve recently done a series of six, live art sessions for Downtown Tempe and a 26ft collaborative mural for Downtown Phoenix inc.

I’m a dad and I love yoga. I have a 1000 sq ft studio in Tempe on the same property as my house. I love making people uncomfortable. It’s how we grow!

I am an extreme extrovert and would love to talk with you. The best way to find me is on my Instagram below.

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