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ILANEL Design Studio P/L

Melbourne, Australia

"Sculptural creations imbued with memory, reverent of art and cognitive of science."
ILANEL Design Studio is a product design company formed in 2010. The practice composes modern pieces in Melbourne, Australia, with a team of local artisans and fabricators.

Inspired by natural phenomena and trained in architecture, Ilan honours the discovery of design and user experience within each work.

His multidisciplinary expression forms objects, artworks and luminaries. These are made to order based on his existing range or custom-designed for homes, workspaces and public places.

A nod to nature respects place as an environment, while the application of science reflects our potential as human beings. These motivations meet an intersection of industrial design. The atelier's work takes you into an experiential realm whilst remaining accessible and functional. This medley of experience, observation and sensory function forms a unique take on what would otherwise be a decorative piece.

A conscious adaptation to design affords each luminaire a low impact environmental journey. By using considered materials and processes, ILANEL Design Studio is in touch with the path of every object from concept to the end of its life cycle.

With over a decade of local production and international reach, ILANEL Design Studio continues to meet the demands of modern times with pieces that are efficient and functional while garnering an effect of contemplation.




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