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Paris, France

"Our collections are a physical manifestation of our travels in north and west Africa and our collaboration with Berber craftspeople."
Behind IBKKI are two travel enthusiasts : Azel and Youri. Based in Paris, our inspiration comes straight from North Africa and more precisely from the cultural home of Numidia, former territory of the Berber people.
An IBKKI creation is both singularity and diversity. Its singular appearance comes from a unique local manufacturing process inspired by ancestral artisanal techniques. Its diverse aspect is woven by the dialogues between art and technique that enabled its creation.

Our approach has its origins in the meeting between designers and artisans and seeks to adopt a new perspective on local artisanal and artistic creation. It consists of gaining access to traditional workshops in order to work in close collaboration day after day with local artisans.

Each object is the result of numerous artistic and technical exchanges. We are intimately involved in the making of each of our pieces on site, using the simplest and most traditional techniques possible.

IBKKI attests to the close relationship between designer and craftsman. IBKKI is also an opportunity to show the world the little-known traditions of the Berber people.
Wescover creator since 2020

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