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Hoai Not Art

Vancouver, Canada

"Art to me is conjuring up inspiration and embracing life journeys through the language of colour"
Hoai Dang-Lachance is a Canadian contemporary abstract artist. She draws her inspiration from the ebb and flow of colour and the surroundings and emotions felt from past and present journeys. As journeys evolve, her body of work will in no doubt be ever changing and reflective.

Hoai’s creations are predominately abstract expressionism paintings and art accessories.

Her body of work fluctuates from fluid to directionally controlled, using soft to vibrant colour palettes, creating varied forms of depth. Hoai’s knack for curiosity and sense of adventure tends to lead her on a path of incorporating various mixed media into her art, including but not limiting to acrylics, alcohol inks, resin, oils, wood, canvas.

Appreciating the forgiveness and freedom of such materials she can freely flex creations to reflect her end vision. Embracing the moment and just letting go, allows Hoai’s art to freely flow without restriction and inhibition. Coupling such actions and bridging emotion with the love for converging colour and layering mixed mediums, has enabled her to cultivate and translate her own abstract expressions.

Art to Hoai is her own form of expression and path to mindfulness and diversity through the language of colour. With this, she hopes her creations will bring joy and enable those who embrace it the opportunity to conjure up inspiration through their own past, present and even future journeys as they are experienced.
Wescover creator since 2020
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Vancouver, Canada
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Vancouver, Canada
Residential Project
Vancouver, Canada
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