Hitoshi Kuriyama - Art and Public Sculptures
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Hitoshi Kuriyama

Hitoshi Kuriyama

Tokyo, Japan

"Hitoshi Kuriyama is a Japanese mixed-media artist working in the creative disciplines of photograph, sculpture and installation. In his works, he explores equivalency in conflicting ideas such as “existence” and “non-existence” or “creation” and “destruction,” and demonstrates them from a scientific perspective. He has theorized the hypothesis “0=1” and attempts to prove it through his works. He has participated in numerous exhibitions worldwide such as “data and vision” Aki gallery (Taipei, Taiwan), “GLASSTRESS 2011” collateral event of the 54th Venice Biennale (Venice, Italy), “Drifting Images” BODA (Seoul, South Korea), “Lichtkunstfestival Aufstiege,” St. Cyriakus Church (Stuttgart, Germany), “Islamic Arts Festival 20th Session,” Sharjah Art Museum (Sharjah, UAE)."

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