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Hadley Radt

San Francisco, CA

My paintings explore the connection between systems in our environment and how they relate to my own impulse to construct order. The structures I develop become a woven pattern of overlapping and intertwining shapes and lines. The marks become a visual network of intricate systems and patterns that I build and deconstruct by establishing a logic and method.

Even as I attempt to formulate routines of order in my pieces, the patterns start to become tangled, creating environments of organized chaos. Mistakes occur within my mark making, and my hand can be seen. I intentionally and unintentionally interrupt the systems I build, causing unexpected glitches that break the pattern. The errors make the work less mechanical and, instead, adds a human quality.

I am exploring terrains of connections; physical, psychological, emotional, neurological. I am interested in the depiction of these connections and tracking layers of information. I am curious how the viewer is able to move through the accumulation of marks, finding their own pathways to navigate.

I am inspired by examples of repetition and geometry in both the natural and built environment. Including; maps, architecture, fractals, particle formations, and neural networks. Our environment is full of repetition and pattern, I am intrigued by all of these different kinds of order and they influence the structures I create in my work.
Wescover creator since 2019

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