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Hacienda Crafts Company, Inc.

Manapla, Philippines

"Hacienda Crafts is a community based Manufacturer. we work with artisans"
Down-to-earth but imaginative, life in the sugar plantations of Negros Island in Central Philippines inspired HACIENDA CRAFTS to produce and export handcrafted furniture and home accessories.

Founded in the early 1990s, the vision of HACIENDA CRAFTS is to translate Negros Island design and creativity into distinct products that transcend boundaries, to transform a genteel and artistic lifestyle into unique furniture pieces that appeal to people worldwide.

Towards that vision, HACIENDA CRAFTS weaves rustic "hacienda" charm into every furniture design, creating high quality, handcrafted pieces that soften contemporary living spaces with aesthetic excitement and practical sense.
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Max’s Kabisera
Taguig, Philippines

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