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Gladys Poorte

Houston, TX

I’ve always been fascinated with small scale models of buildings, their interiors, and of cities and theater stages. When observed from above, they seem like alternative worlds -- a removed, god-like, perspective. This fascination with models led me to take a stage design course at the University of Texas where I previously studied Studio Arts.
Building 3D models in my studio is a fundamental part of my work process. It is a way of thinking, of drawing with physical objects. I build the models with cardboard, paper, all sorts of recycled materials, and other found objects. Lighting is carefully controlled. Once complete, I make the paintings by observing the models.
My work represents imaginary landscapes and interiors -- often inspired by current events and by the human experience. There are no people, but there’s an underlying narrative, the suggestion that the places depicted are the setting for a story. It is for the viewer to imagine that narrative.
Wescover creator since 2018

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