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George Ayres

George Ayres

Austin, TX

"Bring some color into your life."
Painting is a personal journey where I feel unencumbered, void of inhibition, and completely free of fear. When in the process, it is the most natural thing I have ever done.

Feelings manifest themselves as both broad and gestural, and precise and blended strokes that appear on my canvases. Often evocative and dramatic, my paintings deliver a stylistically and mostly non-representational final product. Texture and color play a significant role in the structure, whether architectural and refined or playful and unrestrained.

I work in acrylic, oil and occasionally charcoal. I often scrape and sand a canvas in places, discovering new textures that may add a richer quality to the piece. My influences range from the energetic improvisation of Willem de Kooning to the bold colors of Hans Hofmann, from the occasional motifs and characters of Grace Hartigan to the gestural action paintings of Michael Goldberg.

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