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Gabrielle Meyerowitz

New York, NY

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Born in 1988 in a small village outside of New York, Gabrielle Meyerowitz has always found solace in color and line and has understood it as her medium. She studied painting and drawing in New York before embarking on a couple of long-term assistantships, and then studied in Paris.
It was during this time she found an old suitcase which she dubbed her portable home or studio; “Valise”, which then became a foundational principle in the collaboration, PROJET VALISE, as well as inspired her Scroll Series. Since then she has continued her work through international residencies. Her work is interactive, site-specific, with contents of writing and sound. Always a direct response to the particularities of physical space, the end result is an abstraction.

Gabrielle Meyerowitz works in line and color. She studied painting and drawing at Pratt Institute, in Brooklyn, and École Jacques Lecoq, in Paris.
In 2017, Meyerowitz completed the seventh — in a series of scroll paintings ( each 2x3 meters ) — aboard the cargo ship, on its voyage from Malta to New York. The Scroll Series weaves contemporary mythology across three continents and several bodies of water. Meyerowitz’s work is often site-derived and site-specific. In 2012, Meyerowitz found an old suitcase on a Paris street, converted it into a portable studio, and donned it, Valise. In the ensuing years, Valise would enable several projects, including The Scroll Series.
Currently, Valise is on the shelf, and Meyerowitz is painting out of her studio at Mana Contemporary.
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Residential Project
New York, NY

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