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Frederik Hesseldahl - The Art of Clean

Copenhagen, Denmark

Clean, a Danish visual street-art artist. Educated as an architect, works as a visual artist from Copenhagen. His paintings move in the border between graffiti and modern art. He has decorated European walls for the past 18 years, and in recent years he has moved indoors to private homes and businesses with his colorful murals. Clean have developed his art to express an dynamic look and works in a graphic, colorful and expressive style. He explores the limits of fantasy with animal motives and graffiti fragments that help viewers start thinking about the fantastic features of the human imagination. Each project is developed with a brief from the client and design proposals are visualised to communicate before starting up. He graduated from The Royal Danish Artschool of Architecture in 2013 and now works as an entrepreneur with a studio in Copenhagen. Over the last few years, Clean has made many large mural paintings on commissioning for Facebook, Tivoli, BMW group, Aegis Media and DR (Danish Broadcasting Network). At the Vejle Art Museum and at the Museum of Modern Art Aalborg he has participated in group exhibitions in respectively, 2009 and 2013.
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