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For Reasons Unknown

Bronx, NY

"Some things happen for a reason, others happen for reasons unknown."
For Reasons Unknown, based in the Bronx, NY, was formed by Glenda Rosa and Victor Hermosillo in 2012. Both designers bring many years of creative experience in TV, film and advertising between them, coupled with a desire to create hand-made, everyday objects for home and lifestyle.

Glenda and Victor are inspired by their everyday surroundings and travel. They find themselves drawn to both natural and man-made chaos, color and patterns from both the present and the past. Each textile is a unique piece of art that combines natural fibers with water-based ink, to create a product that is free of harmful chemicals. Their style emphasizes simplicity and natural beauty.

“We wanted to create a brand that celebrates serendipitous creativity. Our name is a reflection of the inspiration that can strike at any time as makers and dreamers and the need to share it with others. “For Reasons Unknown is our way of sharing these objects with you.”
Wescover creator since 2021

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