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Fault Lines

Fault Lines

Amsterdam, Netherlands

"“LINESCAPES” are handwoven panels of tactile textures that convey a variety of messages and emotions."
This bold graphic world is created by grids and geometric structures, inspired by the aesthetics of the Mid- century modern and Bauhaus movement.
They display a study of acquired weaving techniques inspired by meeting the masters at work during many inspirational trips to India, Morocco, Turkey, New Mexico, Japan and Scandinavia.
The beauty and richness of their arts are reflected in these compositions by combining diverse weaving patterns with colour gradients and subtle textures.
These sophisticated grids are build by re-designing everyday woven patterns, and turning them into rhythmic structures.
A balance of forces presented in a study of contrasts: intimate yet formal, simple yet complex, both utilitarian and sculptural, traditional and innovative, natural and structured.

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