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Eve Devore

Eve Devore

New York, NY

"shaping fleeting moments into something tangible"
Eve Devore is a Brooklyn-based artist.
She grew up trying to seize the essence of the life around her with the bits of charcoal and pencil, always in her hands. In a way, art had always been a way to a better understanding of her connection to the world. 
Her work ranges from whimsical paintings, full of color and intricate details, to figurative works to abstract pieces, where she embraces the spontaneous nature of one of her favorite mediums - watercolor. Furthermore, she works in acrylics and oils, using mixed media techniques and collage. Switching in between mediums allows her to achieve a balance in her creative practice. Color evokes magical energy in her, the extent of which she is still discovering with every piece she makes. It creates a never-ending source of energy that drives the exploration of her art. She tries to capture a feeling of a particular moment of time, experience, or memory, translating it into colors and shapes.
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