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Emilie Syme-Lamont

Budapest, Hungary

"contemporary figurative painter"
​Emilie is an Australian artist currently based out of Berlin and recent graduate of an MFA in Drawing at The National Art School, Sydney.

Emilie's interest lies in the fallible and obscured areas of memory that indicate how past material can influence present and future narratives of the self.

Exploring tensions between painting and installed spaces with objects that are found and made to express moments of intentional ambiguity, strange familiarity and poetic dislocation.

Emilie uses predominantly painting as a medium to translate cultural references such as the family photograph and analogue home video into an expressive and painterly surface. Her images aim to contrast the individual with familiar image.
Wescover creator since 2020
Projects Portfolio
Residential Project
Sydney, Australia
Residential Project
Sydney, Australia
Residential Project
Denver, CO
.M Contemporary
Woollahra, Australia

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