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Elizabeth MacLean

Austin, TX

Elizabeth is an abstract artist in Austin who uses botanical motifs and painterly gestures to create rich, shimmery textural surfaces in her work. The unexpected irregularity of patterns, layering, and incidental marks found in stone, water, sand, earth, grasses, vines, and other wild and untamed expressions of life inspire her work.

The artist finds her muse while walking through the wilderness preserves and hiking trails in Central Texas, where time seems to stand still but everything changes on a daily basis. Her grandmother, Lou, who grew a wildflower garden in the desert terrain of Arizona, and her mother, Dawn, who spent hours carefully cultivating a lush tropical garden in their home in Venezuela, instilled this connection to nature in her early life.

Elizabeth received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Florida State University, and holds a Master of Arts and PhD in Radio-TV-Film from The University of Texas at Austin. She is also a digital media and communications consultant who specializes in working with artists and creatives.
Wescover creator since 2022

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