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El Lovaas

San Diego, CA

"Abstract, Intuitive, Mixed Media Artist"
Norwegian intuitive artist based in San Diego.

El Lovaas was born and raised in a small town in Norway. The long dark winters allowed her to spend much of her time indoors creating a variety of art. El put her passion for painting on hold to raise three children who are all young professional artists. She has returned to her passion in her Southern California studio.

With the beginning of each new piece, El strives to keep each painting open to all possibilities. She writes a positive message on the substrate. Even though it will be covered by mixed media the message will always be in the space.

“Layer upon layer, my intuition guides me as I collaborate with paints, graphite charcoal, pastels, textures, wax and oil. It’s all about energy and balance and my goal is always to evoke emotion, as it is a free flowing expression of my truth."

Chosen By lead curators to be one of 21 Artists to Collect in 2021.



Woman Owned

Made In USA

Wescover creator since 2020

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