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Dyanne Williams Mosaics

Dyanne Williams Mosaics

Los Angeles, CA

Like many artists, I've experimented with many different mediums to find the one that best expresses my creative impulses. Creating mosaics is fulfilling because it is not just the act of designing, but the satisfaction of physically building a work of art. The infinite range of colors and textures of glass provide me with endless possibilities. My art is a reflection of myself: learning, growing, constantly evolving.

My works attempt to display the beauty of nature in a different medium. My goal is to recreate the experience of discovering a natural wonder, the excitement you feel the moment that you crack open a geode and discover the beauty that lies within a simple rock.

Just like in nature, my work is filled with philosophical contrasts: simplicity amidst complication, harmony amidst conflict, order amidst the chaos. I feel I achieve this through intricate design with the simplicity of the pattern and repeating motifs.

As sophisticated as art itself, glass is timeless, sturdy, and complex. Through it I can create original and vivid designs, bringing one of the oldest art forms into the modern age. Overall, my work combines organic shapes from nature with contemporary design.

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