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Dovain Studio

Lisbon, Portugal

"Our studio designs and creates lighting, furniture and objects using the finest materials, techniques, and processes."
Our studio designs and creates lighting, furniture, and objects using the finest materials, techniques, and processes.
Dovain Studio is a brand that emerges from the craving and pursuit of beauty, sensuality, style, and refinement. Our mission is to create original products of extreme quality. With this assumption, we have brought together experts in this area to build together the best product.

Creative direction by Sergio Prieto, a Spanish artist-designer who was born in Talavera de la Reina in 1994. He dedicated himself to the world of painting professionally since he was 10 years old, and at 18 he began to study design. He has been working in different countries around the world, like China, Índia, France, Italy, Spain, and Portugal, collecting experiences and knowledge that shaped his artistic vision from an early age. Now, he lives and works in Lisbon.

One of his work’s priorities is the search for the expressive language of objects, creating emotions in those who see and feel his pieces. His artistic vision is printed on each piece of Dovain Studio bringing art, decoration, and design, altogether within the context of contemporary design culture.




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