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Madrid, Spain

"Fabio Lopez Gonzalo , aka Dourone , is a philanthropic craftsman, an eclectic artist whose work is recognizable at first glance ... a "style" all by himself.

Fabio was born in the Madrid region in 1985. Like many other urban artists, everything started from childhood with a passion for drawing. As a teenager comes the bifurcation: the lettering, the physical act and the adrenaline of the street, the freedom, the fraternity and the solidarity of the crew ...

Driven by this energy, Fabio began at the age of 14 to put on the Madrid spots his blaze DOURONE, which can be understood in the form of DOUR-1, implied the first to pose the Blaze DOUR.

This blaze DOUR does not translate anything explicit. Only the graphic form of the letters interested the young graffiti artist. This choice of "round" letters is not surprising today: his style is made of curves and harmony, where rigid and angular forms are absent."
Wescover creator since 2018

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