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Brooke Noel Morgan

Nashville, TN

"Minimal, abstract, organic form"
I used to believe artists to be the bravest souls on earth.
Then, I discovered that I am one.
Now, I’m not so sure the former is true, but being an artist is the bravest thing I’ve done.
Because being an artist is living from my soul.
My creative journey began with teaching, then photography, then curation, then poetry, painting, and sculpture.
Now, it seems that nothing is untouched by the creative sea at work within me. I’m finding that life, the living, is the most creative thing I do.
These art forms are all part of one living organism - that is me. And when I say me, I mean we…for I am just a drop in the sea of humanity.
I am here to love, to heal, to create and to commune with Mother Earth.
Thank you for being here.
Wescover creator since 2023

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