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San Francisco, CA

"dyslexia Of The System"
5 years ago I made a decision about my life. I wanted to become an Artist. My life was going in the wrong direction so I needed to listen to my soul and spend some time with my most inner self. During a time in which happiness and serenity seemed like an unachievable goal I found art. It saved my life because it connected me with my most vulnerable self. It showed me how to communicate with myself. It was not easy, I did not know how to create art. I did not know how to talk with colors. So I experimented with different ideas and concepts. I quickly understood that the Bay Area, where I currently live, was a great part of my creative process. I needed to go to explore it to find new alleyways filled with stickers, graffiti and murals. Hills and steps everywhere, and the most inspiring views of the city as if it were to reinvent itself effortlessly. This process became an obsession. It seemed like for the first time there were no wrong turns. Everyday I went out there, I found something special to admire. Something to let go of my mind. Coming back home to paint and recreate that incredible “urban creativity” was a natural process. It felt like the right path to take.

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