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Debra Steidel

Austin, TX

"Hand crafted Porcelain Art Vessels and Wall Sculptures"
I have had a lifelong love affair with clay. I can't explain what drives my passion or what pushes me to work in the studio each day. My fascination with ceramics began in 1974, at a very young age of 18 when I purchased my first potters' wheel. The plasticity of clay, with its endless possibilities have kept me constantly inspired for over 4 decades. For me, nothing can compare to the sensation of raising each wall and the creation of an elegant form from a crude chunk of clay.
I am self- taught. Through diligence, a library and advice from seasoned potters, I learned my way with the wheel and how to glaze and fire ware. I began as a functional potter, throwing bowls, mugs and such. In the early 1990's I had a bit of an awakening with my work and began to sculpt sculptural sea forms. These forms have carried over into my current body of work in the lids that are cast in glass. In 2004 I began experimenting with the ever fickle "crystalline glaze". I was hooked. All of my pieces are first hand thrown. Some are altered, carved and sculpted. The crystalline firing can take anywhere from 12 to 18 hours, with another 20 or so to cool. Each piece is as singular as a fingerprint
I grew up in Virginia, on the outskirts of Washington, DC in the 1960's. Back then it was a quiet and wonderful place to be, a wooded forest just outside my doors; nature was a large part of my life and remains the inspiration in my work. Currently I live, love and work in Wimberley, Texas just outside of Austin, in the Hill Country. My studio and gallery "Steidel Fine Art" is open by appointment.
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