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Darlene J. Winfield

Peterborough, Canada

"Communicating through art is the ultimate thrill for me!"
My inspiration to paint evolved early in childhood.

With the opportunity to live abroad in Mexico and Indonesia and travel the world my horizons were broadened. It was thrilling to study and experience the light, color and atmosphere in different countries. The ability to see beyond my world was invaluable.

During this time, I spent years drawing and studying art and art history in Greece, Italy, England, Mexico and Indonesia.

The ability to visit museums and cultural centres in person left an indelible impression on me and continues to influence my paintings to this day.

My painting method is a traditional application that is enhanced with layering using a palette knife and brush.

My preferred medium is oil or oil and mixed media. The style is impressionistic.
Wescover creator since 2020

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