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d k baker

d k baker

Livermore, CA

"My art explores notions of Connection - and - Identity ..... the blurred Lines between our Selves and Others."
My work is currently an exploration of concepts.... foremost...of identity .....how it changes as we participate with the world.
For example, we have all experienced how music can transform our state of mind, elevate our mood or bring us to tears. Does that experience have the potential to change who we are.... our actual identity.... in a very real sense? Life invites you to embrace the notion that.... who we are at any given time... is fluid - dependent on our interactions with others and our environment, our impulses and our thoughts. Indeed, much of our entire existence can be thought of as.... flowing within a spectrum. In one single day we can be.. coworker... spouse... artist.. or musician or poet. It is that spectrum... that space .... within which we all live....and work.... and create.... that is the space where connections are made.... our connections with..... The Other. Perhaps that is where our sense of Love begins and.... I believe..... from where.... our sense of Identity flows... and changes... if only for a short while. Thus... Love.... I believe... is when our identity becomes involved with The Other.

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