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Coblitz Creative Concepts, LLC

St. Louis, MO

"Serene scenes to lessen stress based on evidence from hospital design research."
I am owner & photographic artist at my St. Louis based company, Coblitz Creative Concepts, LLC. I specialize in Commercial and Fine Art photography creating what I call “Functional Art”. This is art designed or selected to provide specific messages and/or effects on the people in a particular space to accomplish a purpose agreed upon with the owner of that space. An example is Evidence Based Design art designed to improve patient outcomes in medical facilities, or to reduce staff stress. Other examples include helping restaurant owners increase sales & margins via the art on their walls, enhancing team creativity in a meeting room, etc. I thrive on creating art that serves a agreed purpose for the owner.

My award winning work is represented in several galleries around the St. Louis area and has been exhibited in Lyons, France and in the British Saatchi Gallery and Phoenix Xanadu Gallery on line. My photographs have been published in a number of magazines including the New York Times on line edition and are owned by a number of art collectors.

I work in what is referred to as “Convergent Media” - I express my artistic vision through an intricate multi-step process. Publishing my art prints requires expertly merging a variety of digital and traditional art making skills with innovative technology. The process is known as “Convergent Media” to make exquisite prints.

My process involves using subject, composition, color, lighting (natural and/or artificial), and various post processing techniques including Photoshop, Lightroom, and many other software programs to create my desired effects. I believe that no photo is the best it can be straight out of the camera. One tries to get it as close to right as possible straight from the camera, but post processing is always necessary to make it the best it can be or to achieve a desired artistic effect.
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