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Citizen Wood Company LLC

Citizen Wood Company LLC

Phoenix, AZ

"Elegant, Modern, Contemporary design"
Born in 1987 I was raised in a small town about an hour north of Phoenix called Prescott, Arizona. A place of true beauty if you haven’t been. I’ve always been more of a what you would call a “right-sided” brain type. Learning more from hands-on rather then being told. Even when it came to school I struggled. My mother knew this and at a fairly young age she blessed me with my first instrument. Every parents dreaded instrument.... The drums. Determined to learn, I self taught and actually managed to shred my cheap, barely put together electric blue set . After a couple years I eventually gravitaded towards acoustic guitar. I was amazed at the endless creativity that this allowed me. So many sounds, notes, chords. It was unbelievable! To actually be able to show people how my mind was working. Then adult happened. Same job, same cranky customers, rinse, repeat. I couldn’t take it. I guess you could say that’s where this all stems from. Making Furniture. Imagining it, creating it, constructing it, like writing a song. Building pieces allow me to stimulate that part of the brain, stimulate my creative side. It’s therapeutic for me in a strange way and that’s what I guess I’d like to portray, is just a little piece of my mind in every build.

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