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Christopher Lane - Paintings and Art
Christopher Lane
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Christopher Lane


Christopher Lane is known for abstract expressionist painting.
“Nothing is ever preplanned. I just start working and the drawings evolve and progress on their own until I am finished. Very often when I have finished a work I look at the drawing the next day and rediscover anew the water movement that I had drawn. Many paintings that I have completed over the years took a long time to do, as much as two years, working exclusively on just one painting.” - Christopher Lane

“Born in New York City in 1937. Education: Goddard College, Vermont (1955-58); Escuela Esmeralda de Pintura, Mexico (1957); Atelier de la Grand Chaumiere, Paris (1959-62); Ecole de Mime de Marcel Marceau, Paris (1959); American Academy of Asian Studies.

From 1970-1 lives in Holland in the province of Zeeland preparing for shows in New York and Japan. Moves to San Francisco in 1972 with his family. From 1977 to 79 works on a eighteen-foot triptych, which is shown three years later at SFMoMA in a solo exhibition. In 1989 starts work on a sixteen-panel oil painting that takes a year to complete. In 1991 starts working and experimenting with slate from around the world including the United States, mainly incising and carving it. In 1995 invited to participate in an exhibition called “Americans in Paris” with two other American artists. Had four exhibitions in Tokyo in 1971, ’73, ’76 and at Tsukuba University in 1996. In 1999 begins a series of works on paper called “Texts” and in 2009 begins another series with sumi ink and brushes called “Calligraphicscapes.” From 1957 to the present, has participated in over twenty solo and fifty group exhibitions.”