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Rita Vilma

Marietta, GA

"Nature is my inspiration, flowers are my passion."
Rita's preferred subject, flowers, provide her with a color spectrum that is virtually a limitless palette. Her art is unique in that she applies oils liberally to create an almost three-dimensional effect which she calls “impasto on steroids”. She has the inherent ability to combine colors and turn them into stunning florals. Frequently people will comment how her garden paintings bring back fond and happy childhood memories. Some will ask about the drying times due to the thickness of the paint which in many instances take several months to dry. Rita’s paintings reflect her love of bold, rich colors. Recently she has added a new series called the Arctic Collection which encompasses the use of silver, white and grey hues to create exquisite pieces of art suitable for any setting. Rita's paintings reflect her vision of nature in which she hopes to bring beauty and happiness to the world through her art. She paints from her imagination walking into her studio with no preconceived concept of what she’s going to paint as a blank canvas is transformed into her mental creations. During this time, she enters into a place with no distractions and a mind free from the pressures of daily life, detached interruptions and where she is free to create her versions of nature.
Born in San Francisco and having traveled much of the world as the daughter of a military veteran, Rita feels very fortunate to have been exposed to the beautiful scenery of the many countries she visited and inspired not only her earlier works but current works as well. Her love of art was evident early in life when she was voted "Most Talented" in her senior year of high school. She continued to pursue her love of art and was exposed to different disciplines when pursuing an Art Major in college. She loves to visit botanical gardens, go on road trips and spend time tending to her garden…. all of which inspire.



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