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Chiara Magni

Brescia, Italy

"Chiara Magni is the pioneer of a new Expressionits movement she has named "Bright Expressionism"
We are not perfect, our relationships are not perfect, our bodies are not perfect, so many
aspects of our life are not.

So what drives us to move forward, what drives us to get out of
bed every day

What drives us to work hard to achieve our dreams?
The emotions!
The desire to feel alive.
It doesn't matter if we ever reach what we consider to be perfect, we don't give up because
the path makes us feel alive, it makes us feel emotions.
It is with this exact point of view that either I approach my art and my creativity.My paintings are not realistic, they are not perfect and they don't want to be.
My paintings are the representation of emotions on canvas.

I want those who observe them to feel better, feel calmer, happier for a moment, smile or
simply sigh "Home sweet home" while looking at one of my paintings in their living room.
I create art to shake up the viewer.

Society and the world in general have taught us that life can be sad, difficult and even
violent, so why not try to make it a little more carefree?
Wescover creator since 2020

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