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Celia Smith

England, United Kingdom

"“As other artists use pencil, I use wire as a drawing material. It goes without saying that I am a hoarder of wire."
“Born in 1974 Celia studied Fine Art Sculpture at Wimbledon School of Art. Having experimented with many different materials, the wire became her favored medium, with which she creates animated sculptures of birds.

Growing up as a farmer’s daughter, Celia developed a passion for the natural environment and birds in particular are her inspiration. A lot of her time is spent drawing and studying domestic and native British birds from life, capturing their movement and character is her primary concern. Celia draws with wire, as others draw with pencil, for her creating sculptures out of wire is like drawing in three dimensions. She will travel on location to sketch particular species in their habitat and often small wire studies and even life-size pieces are made directly in front of the subject.

She finds that wire has a spontaneity that can give her sculptures a feeling of life and energy. Her materials are mainly sourced from scrap yards, each visit brings new colors and textures which helps to inspire the next creation. The wires may have previously been used for telephone and electrical wiring, or perhaps some rusty fencing found abandoned in a field.”
Wescover creator since 2020

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