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Cat Tesla

Cat Tesla

Atlanta, GA

"Contemporary artist who meditates before heading to the studio to paint. Abstracting nature in paint."
Tesla's "Chrysalis Series" is an abstraction of nature employing acrylic, inks, graphite, wax crayon, oil pastel, & oil glazes. My process is inspired by the work and teachings of Franz Kline's concept of automatism. He essentially believed in first ‘pouring out’, then editing. I begin with an automatic drawing in graphite and wax crayon, then translucent layers are applied, followed by more mark making (drawing) & more paint layers. Various mediums are utilized to build the surface. The resulting smaller paintings are windows looking outward, while the larger paintings are abstract nature-scapes you can walk right into.
In our minds we know what a hike looks like, or a garden, a meadow, or a waterfall. But what do they feel like? That’s what I convey in my painting. Represented by galleries in the U.S. and U.K.

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