Camp Copeland Studio

Braddock, PA

"Art For Everyday Living"
Founded by Alyssa and Drew Kail in 2015, Camp Copeland Studio seeks to create affordable, fashionable and functional handcrafted home goods from kiln formed glass and wool in their Braddock, PA shop. Pulling inspiration from Mid Century Modernism and Contemporary Scandinavian Design, each of their products is a piece of art to provide a pop of color to your home, while also being food safe and durable for everyday living. Camp Copeland Studio is a small batch, local producer. Alyssa and Drew create each piece by hand.

Camp Copeland’s Mod Glassware line incorporates a screen printing with glass powder process to create bright and colorful geometric designs that will never fade or wear off overtime. Their minimalist glassware line is formed, sandblasted and fire polished to achieve a soft finish for a more contemporary and subtle Scandinavian minimalist aesthetic. Paired with wool bowls and coasters, which are created by hand forming industrial Merino wool felt, Camp Copeland offers a comprehensive selection of contemporary tableware. They also create one of a kind wool "paintings" for your walls. Each piece is made by wet felting layers of Merino wool and hand printed silk organza creating rich abstract color fields.
Camp Copeland strives to improve everyday lives through considered design and intentional living. Trays, bowls, and plates serve not only as art objects and focal pieces suitable for any room in your house, but also are the perfect place to collect items you need readily available; A bowl on your entryway table to hold your keys and sunglasses, a tray on your nightstand for jewelry and your phone, or a platter on your dining table for fruit. They believe in clearing the clutter that can bog us down and living with objects that enhance the everyday.

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