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Camp Copeland Studio

Braddock, PA

"Live Well With Fewer Better Things"
Founded in 2015, Camp Copeland Studio handcrafts mindful home goods, decor and art in kilnformed glass, wool and a series of block prints to elevate your living space. Drawing inspiration from Japanese Minimalism, Scandinavian design and the Swedish concept of 'lagom', meaning just enough, we believe that better living starts at home and quality home goods and decor can aid in creating a space that both nurtures and invigorates us. All of our products are created in small batches by us in our Braddock, PA studio space.

Camp Copeland strives to improve everyday lives through considered design and intentional living. Trays, bowls, and plates serve not only as art objects and focal pieces suitable for any room in your house, but also are the perfect place to collect items you need readily available; A bowl on your entryway table to hold your keys and sunglasses, a tray on your nightstand for jewelry and your phone, or a platter on your dining table for fruit. We believe in clearing the clutter that can bog us down and living with objects that enhance the everyday.

Core Values

-Live Lagom with Fewer, Better Things

- We strive to produce handcrafted objects and decor that elevate from the mass-produced throwaway culture alternatives. We believe you don't need to buy more things, but buy better things and live with a curated selection of objects that inspire you and promote joy, balance, and calm.

-Quality Products to be Handled with Care

-We believe that the slow fashion movement should extend to handmade home goods and decor. We are devoted to creating considerately designed objects using materials sourced from small businesses in the USA. We also only partner with independent retailers and designers to further support the small business ecosystem. You will not find our home goods on big box store websites.

-Timeless and Universal Style

-While our designs may parallel trends at any given time, we seek to create objects that will be useful and align with changing decor. Our goal is to provide a capsule collection of timeless and essential items for your home that you will cherish. Handmade objects that tell a story and inspire you to do the same.

-Commitment to Waste Reduction

-Through designing for maximum yield, sourcing remnant or cast-off materials, and minimizing/reusing packaging materials, we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint. Our items are a revolution to the mass-produced throwaway culture alternatives by being made to last. We call our work "Art for Everyday Living". Each piece explores the intersection of art, craft, and design and is a functional artisan-made object of the highest quality. We achieve this quality through small batch production runs. Each object is handmade by Alyssa and Drew Kail in their studio in Braddock, PA.
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