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caitlin carney

Los Angeles, CA

Caitlin Carney is a California based artist. She is currently studying to receive her Master of Fine Arts degree from Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles, California.

Caitlin’s artwork represents her relationship to the world around her through an abstract lens. She employs color, light, space, shape and texture to recreate different qualities of light seen in natural landscapes. Caitlin's practice aims to capture an ephemeral moment and make it permanent through the production of a painting. The distillation of the elements of an environment into pure color and light allow the viewer’s eyes to wander within the bounds of the stretcher bars. The absence of an identifiable image or marks allows the viewer to explore the essence of the colors. Caitlin’s practice is her method of both investigating her surroundings while also making a record of where she has been and what she has felt through the use of color.

As the world around Caitlin changes, her palette and technique evolve in response to her consumption of their influence and meaning. The use of paint allows her practice to seamlessly evolve and expand, ebbing and flowing as a natural reflection of the life she is living.
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