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Bonnie Keane - Fluidz By Keane

Tampa, FL

"Abstract mixed media on canvas"
Where art and science converge is where you will find Bonnie. With a Bachelor of Science degree, her love for physics and chemistry is put into play with her style of painting. She is in love with the aesthetics of this art form, but the underlying science sustains her enthusiasm. She describes her art as science and experimentation, mixed with magic and chance.

She is a self-taught abstract artist who forgoes the use of brushes preferring to spray, drip, and pour the paints directly onto the canvas allowing it to flow and circulate spontaneously.

Inspired by Mother Earth, her work resembles things found in nature like oceans, glaciers, caves and skies. Her work has been sold to collectors internationally and she lives as a full-time artist participating in fine art festivals throughout Florida.
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Wescover creator since 2020
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Dunedin, FL

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