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Big Sand Woodworking

Tokyo, Japan

"Modern furniture inspired by Japanese traditional woodwork"
Big Sand Woodworking started out in a cabin in the woods of Northern Minnesota, across the road from Big Sand Lake. It was in that small cabin that I started to develop a modest workshop after attending a lutherie school for guitar building. The guitar construction program led the way to other avenues of woodworking such as furniture making, cabinetry and carpentry, followed by a stint in art school which led to even more exploration of the craft with carving and wood turning. Eventually I found myself in NY and started to work and learn from a carpenter who exclusively does traditional Japanese woodwork. I quickly fell in love with the tools and techniques used in Japanese traditional work, and in 2019 my wife and I moved to Japan, where I am continuing to learn and explore the craft, working with a traditional carpentry company, while also producing and designing furniture and wood turnings.
Wescover creator since 2022
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Tokyo, Japan

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